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Some side-projects I have put together over the years with various degrees of seriousness and in varying degrees of completion.
BPD Incident Map
BPD Incident Map
A live map of incidents reported by the Boston Police Department. This was a project I did with Code for Boston and the MA District Attorney's Office, leveraging data exposed through data.boston.gov.
Stonybrook Strings
The website for Stonybrook Strings, a violin teaching studio in Jamaica Plain, MA. I built it with Gatsby with just a dash of serverless for the contact form.
Google Functions
The Best Words
A small sampling of Donald Trump’s choicest words. I worked on this in the Spring of 2016 when it seemed far funnier than it does now.
The capstone for my time at Launch Academy. Its stated purpose was to help last.fm users take a peek at the lyrical diversity of their favorite musicians. Its actual purpose was to give me a reason to dip my toes in d3.js. You can see a slightly mortifying video about it here.
Ruby on Rails
Designed & built with by Filipe Miranda